Source Code

The source code of ChainerCV is licensed under MIT-License.

Pretrained Models

Pretrained models provided by ChainerCV are benefited from the following resources. See the following resources for the terms of use of a model with weights pretrained by any of such resources.

model resource
ResNet50/101/152 (imagenet)
SEResNet50/101/152 (imagenet)
SEResNeXt50/101 (imagenet)
VGG16 (imagenet)
FasterRCNNVGG16 (imagenet)
FasterRCNNVGG16 (voc07/voc0712)
SSD300/SSD512 (imagenet)
SSD300/SSD512 (voc0712)
YOLOv2 (voc0712)
YOLOv3 (voc0712)
PSPNetResNet101 (cityscapes)
SegNetBasic (camvid)
FCISResNet101 (sbd)